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Pixel 2 is released!

2011-12-11 22:35:52 by JBPresents

I dunno If you guys played Pixel 1, but my new game Pixel 2 was just released. You can play it here :) l-2

It was sponsored by Erst Games and is pretty fun. It bends the realm of pixel technology and has opened up the flood gates for current projects in development.

<3 Jimmy Bitmap Lester

Pixel 2 is released!

Follow The Red Fox

2010-08-20 14:13:58 by JBPresents

So I wanted to make this game to push the limits of displayed rotating images while generating a world around the player as they do something simple. It's a fun little mouse follow game. Don't be too critical it's only with the intention of fun and freedom did I do this project.

Prepare yourself for all the fence painting action you can handle. Our next game was just released and is on the recent submissions. Give it a shot and a 5 if you think it is worth it! Thanks :)
Take that Tom Sawyer!


2009-08-04 13:46:13 by JBPresents

Well it's been a week and a half since Pixel's Release world wide and it has nothing but out lived it's expectations. I am very proud to have been the lead developer for the game and for how awesome it has been working for Hero Interactive all Summer.

Weee Haaaa I am currently working on paint the fence for Hero and it is coming along pretty sweet. I'll let you know when more comes up :)

as3 is the bombdiggity

Pixels Release

2009-07-27 14:25:55 by JBPresents

Well my first game I made for Hero Interactive was final made and released. I think it is doing fantastic with a 4.38 and a frontpage on here right now!! I am really excited for it release and can't wait to keep up the work on the next game.

Yea for Pixels awesomeness and yea for all of the people who like it. I am very proud of it's success.

Special thanks to Spill games network for sponsoring and helping to distribute the game

as3 work work work

2008-11-09 10:22:50 by JBPresents

as3 is a lot of work but worth the efforts. It has taken a while to unlock a`lot of the mystery behind this powerful addition to the language. I am currently working heavily with the additions to arrays and bitmaps. i am finding as3 to be incredibly robust and efficient.

I hope to have a new game out in 6 months or so.

see you then

Lots of progress

2008-09-22 16:24:05 by JBPresents

I was recently involved with Hero Interactive as a game tester and worked on both Bubble Tanks 2 as well as Microbe Kombat.

I am excited to announce that I was just hired into Hero Interactive as a sub-contractor and will be slowing down on my own productions and focuses on this opportunity.

you should check out Bubble tanks 2 if you havent here:

and if you want to check out Microbe Kombat you will have to go to Armor Games, it's on the front page.



2008-09-11 00:55:29 by JBPresents

I have finished the flight system for the user interface and the first enemy for the final part of my new game. it shouldn't be much more than 4 months from now. but it will be new and innovative


eat your heart out

Wrapping up

2008-08-15 01:43:11 by JBPresents

well I have made significant progress on my current project.

And after getting great advice and a bit of a pep talk from a good friend I am striving to continue to make my project the best it can be before releasing it although i do not think it will take a significant more amount of time expect a bit of a delay.

I do have this to say about it, expect to be confused at first, wanting more at the end, and having your brains blown out and regrown with brand new colors and flavors never before felt.

prepare to soon be prepared